Road Trip to California

I was three before I went on my first road trip.  I think the delay is caused by the fact that I used to throw up in the car. Daddy drove. Mama sat in the backseat, alert and armed with plastic bags. Acceleration. Deceleration. <barf>

I don’t think Mama ever missed with the plastic bags because I don’t remember seeing any stains on the backseat. This is surprising because Mama always missed when she threw her socks into the laundry basket.  Daddy joked about how I should ask Mama to teach me to play basketball. Imagine that — a golden retriever playing basketball.

p- russian river

I guess when I was three, I learned that I could minimum the effects of the car movements by sitting between Mama and the backseat. In other words, I would sandwich myself in between Mama and the seat. After a couple of hours, Mama would get mad because her back would start hurting. Mama didn’t have the heart to rest against me. Mama tried to remedy the situation by scooting over. But I would just turnaround and re-sandwich myself back in.

As for the front passenger seat, it was vacant but Mama  couldn’t find it in her to move up because in Mama’s mind, “someone had to be in the back to protect me.”

Well back to my trip report.

This wasn’t a trip to visit family. Oh No. Rather, it was a trip to celebrate Daddy and Mama’s wedding anniversary.  A 5 day trip in a place that could be done in 2 days or maybe even 1 afternoon. But, at the time, Daddy had lots of free time so a 5 day trip it was. This was before Daddy entered law school.


On this trip, we met a friend…

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