Beautiful Day

Today was such a beautiful day. We took Ickey and Michelle to the park. The leaves were starting to fall. A constant reminder that life doesn’t stand still and that we should treasure each moment.

Ickey and Michelle at the Park

Ickey and Michelle at the Park

We purchased some flowers to remind ourselves of the dogs that are currently at Rainbow Bridge.

Flowers for Heidi & P-

Flowers for Heidi & P-

Heidi is a wild flower. P- is a golden snapdragon.

What flower would Michelle be? That’s an easy one — a giant sunflower because she always wanted to be bigger and stronger than Heidi.

1 thought on “Beautiful Day

  1. I always read your blog, and I thought today’s entry was especially moving and meaningful. Thank you for sharing it.

    Ayako and I are very sad for your loss.

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