Ickey’s Dream

What do you dream about when you fall asleep Ickey? Do you dream of Heidi?

Ickey and Michelle in Orderly's Office
Ickey and Michelle in Orderly’s Office

Do you remember how when Heidi first came to live with us, she was very shy and afraid. Toys? No thanks. I rather sit here and not get in trouble. Pack mates? Heidi would bark and growl if Ickey and Michelle tried to get close to her.

Heidi and Ickey playing with toys
Heidi and Ickey playing with toys

After a couple of months, Heidi was more comfortable in the house. Toys? Thanks Ickey. Pack mates? Come on Ickey, let’s play next to each other.

Fried Rice for Ickey

Approximately one year ago, my wife and I were sitting at a Chinese restaurant. While we were waiting for our food,  we saw a couple leave the restaurant. When I looked over at their table, I saw that they had left behind a plate of fried rice that was virtually untouched.

I pointed out the plate of fried rice to my wife and we both laughed. We both had the same thought in our heads.

Heidi, Michelle, and Ickey at Duck Creek
Heidi, Michelle, and Ickey at Duck Creek

If Michelle, Ickey, and Heidi went to the Chinese restaurant, the owners would have definitively tried to sell the plate of fried rice to Ickey.

Chinese restaurant owner: Ickey, you should get the fried rice. It’s today’s special

Ickey: oh okay

:::Owner hands Ickey the fried rice:::

Ickey: that was quick.

I think I remember this story today because I knew that Heidi loved Ickey and that she would have wanted us to look after Ickey.

Belated New Year Post

In memory of Heidi –



Michelle, Heidi, and Ickey at the park
Michelle, Heidi, and Ickey at the park

Michelle: I don’t like 2014 anymore. I liked 2012 better when it was the year of Michelle. Back then, all the toys belonged to Michelle.

Ickey: What year was my year?

Heidi & Michelle: 2013

Ickey: But I didn’t know that was my year

Heidi & Michelle: Tough luck Ickey

Golden Butterflies

When P- passed away, my wife and I felt some comfort when we saw rainbows and golden butterflies.

The day after P-‘s passing, we saw a golden butterfly in our front yard dancing around our front door and among the bushes before flying away into the trees. When we went to P-‘s favorite park, we saw a rainbow. To be fair, the sprinklers were on. Nevertheless, before our eyes was a pair of golden butterflies dancing with a gorgeous rainbow in the background.

This morning, I felt the same comfort when I saw a black hummingbird fluttering outside the bushes in our front yard before flying away into the trees.

Heidi and Michelle hanging out at our friend’s house.

Thanks for dropping by to say goodbye. I will miss you Heidi.