It’s Sunday

Beanpole takes the pups for a walk everyday. Michelle, who is turning 12 this year, however, doesn’t go walking everyday.

Every Sunday, however, Michelle would go for a walk because I get to go with them.

michelle walking with ickey and heidi
Michelle walking with Ickey and Heidi on a Sunday

Ickey: Forward. Forward. I can move Forward.

Heidi: is that a blueberry kid?

Michelle walks behind Ickey and Michelle
Michelle falling behind Ickey and Heidi

Michelle: I want to cook today. Can Beanpole do some shopping for me today?

Sure. We will grab something when we go to the Thai Food Festival today.

Beanpole shopping at the Thai Food Festival
Beanpole shopping at the Thai Food Festival
Michelle smiling during her walk
Michelle smiling on a Sunday

Michelle: Thanks. Now I can make Mung Bean Cake.

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