Hello world!

Do you remember sleeping under mama and daddy’s desk when you were just a pup?

I think you were only five months at the time.

You would sleep under mama’s desk while she worked. When you woke up from your nap, you would wait quietly under the desk until mama and daddy finished working so you can play with them.

Of course, mama and daddy took lots of breaks and no work really got done for the first couple of weeks.

As you got bigger, you still slept under the desks but you took less naps. Furthermore, you would no longer wait quietly until mama and daddy finished working. Instead, you would play with your squeaky toys and you would make constant squeaky sounds until you got mama’s attention.

Later, the boredom really got to you and you started stretching against the desks. You would roll on your back and kick your tiny little legs against the desks. Mama and daddy would yell at you because you would scratch up the desks but you didn’t care because you got their attention. You knew that you just had to smile and then mama and daddy would stop working and play with you.

Did you know that when you started teething, mama and daddy would secretly peek under the desk to make sure that you were not chewing on the power cords?


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