Mother’s Day

Huggable, loveable P

This mother’s day, I’m celebrating it as a new mom to our 11 month old son. Long before our little “chickadee” was born however, I was P’s mom for 8 very short, but wonderful years.

Before P came home, my husband and I would excitedly go to Walmart to shop for P’s “nursery” – a comfy bed, a soft blanket, lots of toys… and more toys.

From the moment P came home, we cuddled with him often from the time he was a wee pup to the time he was an old man. He was never far from our arms.

I watched him blossom from a shy little puppy who shadowed us everywhere at the dog park to a confident young man who later ran off to explore his world as soon as his paws were out of the car.

He loved life and its many joys.

He was the joy of my life.

Although he got older and grayer each year, he remained my baby boy always.

He was my first child. And I was lucky enough to be his mom.

So this mother’s day, I wanted to extend the celebration to everyone and anyone who’s cared for another being like their own child. Mother’s day is a celebration of love in whichever form you find it.

Thank you P for letting me be your mom. I miss you little one, and will love you always.

Holding P's paw

A Work of Art

My uber talented, and exceptionally kind childhood friend drew this lovely picture of P. It is one of my favorite photos of our baby boy, as he looks so spiffy in his blue whale bowtie (his daddy has the matching blue whale necktie).

P in his blue bowtie

P in his blue bowtie

Look at me! I'm a work of art!

Look at me! I’m a work of art!


All Blue

Before we got P-, my wife and I did a lot of research on golden retrievers. At the time, we wanted a female golden retriever because we thought they were more loyal.

But, somehow, we ended with P-, who was a male golden retriever. P- was a very confident golden retriever. He loved people and he knew that he was special.

Panorama View of Lake Tahoe

Panorama View of Lake Tahoe

Seven years ago, my wife and I were on vacation at our favorite spot. We stood at the beach and threw tennis balls into the lake. P- walked into the lake and retrieved the balls. Yes. P- walked into the lake and he would walk as far as the lake would let him before he started paddling.

P- walking along Lake Tahoe

P- walking along Lake Tahoe

During one of the throws, as P- swam back to shore, two girls spotted him as they walked along the beach. When they saw P-, they started taking pictures of him. When P- landed, they petted him and gave him tons of praise.

“What a gorgeous golden retriever.”

P-‘s response to praise is to put on a show. Sit. Shake. Sit pretty. Once it got to sit pretty, the compliments usually jump from “what a lovely dog” to genuine laughter and smiles.

When the girls stopped petting P-, we resumed our game. The girls continued walking along the beach. P- went and retrieved the ball. But when he swam back, he swam towards the direction of the girls.

P- smiling at Lake Tahoe

P- smiling at Lake Tahoe

My wife and I laughed. I said, “Maybe we should have gotten a female golden retriever after all.”


P sleeping in the grass

P- waits under the palm frond for his friend. They had a date for afternoon tea but P-‘s friend was running late.

Luna, who was a tabby cat that thinks she is a golden retriever, was roaming the neighborhood. Luna lost track of time when she caught hold of some exciting news. Luna sashayed down the block with her nose in the air to and fro lamp posts to fire hydrants. The message was transmitted as a multi-part message. Part of the message was lost when a home owner took a hose on the lamp post outside his house.

P- waits ever so quietly for his friend. A pleasant breeze sweeps the area.

P- takes a cat nap and waits.