Idea behind

The idea behind was to tell a simple story about a unique moment in time where my wife and I found something other than sadness when our golden retriever, P, passed away.

The gist of the story goes something like this —

During our grieving period, a good friend of ours, a former neighbor, who has two golden retrievers, found two golden retrievers, Ickey and Michelle, living in a backyard. He lived in a guard gated golf course so it was rather strange that there would be two abandoned goldens living in his neighborhood.

He contacted us about Ickey and Michelle. My wife was struggling at the time with the loss of P so I thought that taking care of the two goldens would be good distraction for her.

I convinced my wife that we should go look at the two abandoned golden retrievers. When we arrived at the house with the abandoned goldens, we bumped into a nice couple with a young boy. They were the next door neighbors, who informed us that they been looking after Ickey and Michelle by giving them food and water. Unfortunately, they couldn’t foster or adopt them because they already have a dog and having three dogs is too many.

We decided to foster Ickey and Michelle since the house that they were living in was in foreclosure.

A couple of days later, we went to the vet to pickup P’s ashes. We chatted with a nurse who loved P. She told us that she cried when she saw P’s name on the ashes.

We started talking and we told her about how we are currently fostering two golden retrievers that were abandoned in a golf course. We talked about how the two goldens couldn’t be separated.

The nurse said, “That story seems awfully familiar” and calls her mom.

As it turns out, the Nurse’s mom babysits for the nice couple with the young boy. She also been giving Ickey and Michelle food and water.

After this incident, we decided to adopt Ickey and Michelle. In ours minds, while P is gone, he is still looking after Ickey and Michelle.

3 thoughts on “Idea behind

  1. Was just wondering if you had any connections with Timberline Retrievers in North Plains, OR. We purchased two dogs from them in 2001. The breeder’s name was Judy Spink. Unfortunately, one of the dogs’ is 14 years old and not doing well. I was just try to reach out to the breeder and pass on some information.


    Kevin Heinrich
    Eugene, OR

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