Prep Talk with Bruce

After living with us for one year, Bruce finally found a forever home. Before he left, we sat him down and gave him a little prep talk:

So you be a good boy now. Remember not to scare your new forever family away. If your ears hurt, don’t scratch them with your paws, it would only hurt more.

Your new family seems really nice. I think you will like your new family. You will be an only dog. I know that you don’t really like other dogs.

If you get bored at your new home, play with your tomato. We knew that you liked this toy so Beanpole got you a new one. It’s more plushy than the one at home. Ickey and Michelle would be jealous if they saw you with this toy.

if you get hungry, we packed some teddy grahams. We put it in your teddy graham jar. Do you remember this jar?

If you get sad or lonely, knock over your teddy graham jar and pretend that it was filled with water. Try to remember that day when you knocked over the bucket, which was filled with water, at our house. Remember how mad beanpole was when she had to mop up all the water. You were smiling the whole time.

We will always love you. You will not be returned to a shelter. If it doesn’t work out, you will come back and live with us. So don’t be afraid.