Where is Sunny?

Yesterday, Michelle visited her son at his new house.


Michelle: What are you guys doing?


::: Sunny is on the Right :::

Sunny: Swimming


The goldens had a blast. They swam. They retrieved toys and chased each other.


In and out of the pool.


After an hour, it was time to dry off and head out. Sunny, however, had a different idea.


Sunny: Where is everybody?

I’m in Love

Ickey: I don’t care if Monday’s boo..


Ickey: Tuesday’s great and Wednesday too..


Ickey: Thursday doesn’t even start. It’s Friday and I’m in love.

:::No one wanted to break Ickey’s heart and tell him that today was Saturday:::

Bath Time

The lack of updates –

Well the secret is out. My wife is currently pregnant and that makes updating this blog difficult. We still have all three dogs: Michelle, Ickey, and Heidi. Besides slacking with the blogging, we have also been slacking with the dogs’ grooming.

Yesterday, our Friends from Golden Life with Dogs dropped by to say “hello.” They have been blogging daily for almost two years. After seeing Ickey’s unflattering picture on their blog, we decided that today was bath time.


Bath time consists of paint buckets, gallon-sized shampoo, and little plastic Asian stools.


“Close your eyes Ickey else the shampoo would get into your eyes and then you will cry.”


“Now open them real wide and say hello to the world!”