Happy Mother’s Day

Michelle: My son is going to visit me today.

Beanpole: Yikes. What should we do to celebrate Mother’s Day? Michelle doesn’t know that Sunny isn’t coming over.

Ickey: We can get her a cake?

Beanpole: That’s a great idea Ickey.


Michelle’s 2014 Mother’s Day Cake

Beanpole: Strawberry is her favorite.

Ickey: We can also go to the park.


Pups waiting at the entry of the trail system.


Pups waiting at the rest area.


Michelle staring at her Mother’s Day cake.

I think Michelle had a good Mother’s Day this year. I hope you guys had a good Mother’s Day too.

Michelle Goes to the Vet

My wife and I can be socially awkward at times. I remember one particular incident when we took Michelle to see her veterinarian. We choose this particular veterinarian because he offered discount vaccines but he always tries to up-sell us additional tests and exams. So we always have to say no to the extras.

The medical exam went a little like this:


Vet: Everything looks great with Michelle, except there might be something concerning about her eyes. She is squinting a lot. We would like to run some additional tests for her eyes.


Beanpole: Oh, she’s okay. She’s Asian, and that’s just how her eyes are. She thinks it’s rude to look people directly in the eyes, so she squints at them.

:::awkward silence:::

We paid for the vaccine and went home. I don’t think we ever went back.

Let’s Go For a Walk!

It was such a nice day today in Las Vegas, Nevada. It wasn’t too hot so we took Ickey to Tivoli Village, which is an outdoor shopping mall.


We walked around for a bit. The mall also had a playground.


Sorry Ickey. No dogs allowed in the playground.

I guess we have to find something else to do.

Let’s walk around some more.


Ickey: Do you like Lucy will like me more if I have a Lexus?

Beanpole: Ickey, you shouldn’t buy stuff to impress people. It’s the heart that matters.


I’m so proud of you. You didn’t get scared when you rode the elevator.


People watching is always fun.

Ickey: I’m getting hungry.