Nice to Meet you – Part 2

I was born in Rosamond, California. I lived in a ranch-style home. In order to get to my house, you needed to leave the asphalt covered road and drive on a rock-paved road.

Mama and daddy, a bunch of city slickers from Las Vegas, Nevada, were quite intimidated when they left the asphalt covered road. Looking back, the rock-paved road didn’t require four wheel drive. Daddy, however, drove like a snail. Mama and daddy were both originally from the Bay Area and they never been to a city like Rosamond, let alone, drove on anything but a asphalt covered road.

My breeder didn’t have a chance to give me a bath because Mama and daddy arrived early. So she bathed me in the sink. I remember daddy saying how it smelled like wet dog when he got into the house. At the time, Daddy did not have great social manners. Don’t worry though because I will teach them to him.

One of the things that I taught daddy was how to say hello to people. I remember that I had a toy bird, which looked like a wild turkey  When I saw daddy sitting on the floor with my breeder, I dropped it in front of him. Daddy smiled. Daddy then threw the bird and I went to retrieve it. Of course, I didn’t return it right away. Instead, I ran around the couch with the bird in my mouth. I did at least two laps and then I got dizzy. Daddy smiled and laughed out loud.

Mama was a little more quirky and aloof. Mama didn’t really pet me. Instead, she just blew her nose a lot.

I heard Mama and Daddy talking about White Boy. I thought that was strange since White Boy was recently adopted.

Finally, when Mama and Daddy sat down at the dining table to sign the adoption papers, I went over and sat right in front of daddy. Daddy, who had zero experience with dogs, thought I was the smartest dog ever because I knew how to sit. Daddy put the collar around my neck and I just sat there and let him. Mama and Daddy gave me lots of praise about how smart I was simply because I knew how to sit.

My Breeder told Mama and Daddy that I should probably pee before I get into the car. When we exited the house, I ran over to the kennels and said goodbye to Purple Girl.

I told her that I was going on a short trip but I will be back…