Golden Butterflies

When P- passed away, my wife and I felt some comfort when we saw rainbows and golden butterflies.

The day after P-‘s passing, we saw a golden butterfly in our front yard dancing around our front door and among the bushes before flying away into the trees. When we went to P-‘s favorite park, we saw a rainbow. To be fair, the sprinklers were on. Nevertheless, before our eyes was a pair of golden butterflies dancing with a gorgeous rainbow in the background.

This morning, I felt the same comfort when I saw a black hummingbird fluttering outside the bushes in our front yard before flying away into the trees.


Heidi and Michelle hanging out at our friend’s house.

Thanks for dropping by to say goodbye. I will miss you Heidi.


P sleeping in the grass

P- waits under the palm frond for his friend. They had a date for afternoon tea but P-‘s friend was running late.

Luna, who was a tabby cat that thinks she is a golden retriever, was roaming the neighborhood. Luna lost track of time when she caught hold of some exciting news. Luna sashayed down the block with her nose in the air to and fro lamp posts to fire hydrants. The message was transmitted as a multi-part message. Part of the message was lost when a home owner took a hose on the lamp post outside his house.

P- waits ever so quietly for his friend. A pleasant breeze sweeps the area.

P- takes a cat nap and waits.